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Olá amigos! Tenho recebido muitos pedidos de mods e gostaria muito de poder atender a todos, mas para isso preciso abrir mão de outros trabalhos que trazem renda para minha sobrevivência. Pretendo continuar postando os mods para baixar e atendendo os pedidos sem cobrar nada e quem quiser contribuir com qualquer quantia para ajudar a manter a produção, seria muito bom.


Hello friends! I have received many requests for mods and would like to be able to attend to all, but for this I must give up other jobs that bring income for my survival. I intend to continue posting the mods to download and attending the orders without charging anything and anyone who wants to contribute any amount to help maintain the production, would be worth a lot.

Posted by : pedro10do7 sábado, 19 de março de 2016


I’ve developed TV LOGO CHANGER for FIFA 16!
Since people got trouble with Microsoft Text To Speech, I’ve removed HOTKEY+VOICE ALERT.
So, the feature would be only IMPORT/RESTORE.
I also developed “mBH PATCHER” – a small tool to remove “overlay_9105.big” reference from BH. Now, each time you get update from EA ORIGIN, just launch “mBH PATCHER” again to “patch” file, no need waiting for TV LOGO CHANGER new version.
Here I attach “Background + TV Logo.PSD”, if you are interested in making your own logo, pleaese download, make and post PNG here, I’ll collect and put them in FULL DOWNLOAD.
– Install to any folder (By default “FIFA 16MD FIFA MOD”)
– Launch FIFA 16 TV Logo Changer (Run as administrator)
* Be sure FIFA 16 not running while applying this step *
* For the first time running, the tool needs PATCH “overlay_9015.big” in “” *
* This action only done for the first time or after applying Official Patch from EA ORIGIN *
– Click on “mBH PATCHER”
– Click PATCH
* Now you can start both FIFA 16, TV Logo Changer *
– Select logo
– Click IMPORT
* The Logo will be visible NEXT MATCH (in case you’re in the match) or when you choose RESTART MATCH in PAUSE MENU *
* Tip: before entering match, ALT + TAB to LOGO CHANGER, select logo and import *

Toni Wilen for GFXPAK
Special thanks these guys for making tv logos:
– Gugabguerra
– Elevation75
– EmilianoVidela
– LukeID
– MDjim
– Mennpiko
– Pao4ever
– Razvanultra55
– RoonRoon
– Thaihoangcfc
– Wombat
– Cesc Fabregas
Visit GhostFIFA for more details!

DOWNLOAD: Zippyshare

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